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2020-12-10 03:49 PM
Category: Industry

2020 Trending Marketing Strategies

To stay ahead of the competitors, businesses need to track the most important marketing trends.

Marketing moves at the speed of light... at least it feels like it during another brainstorming session when you are trying to develop a new campaign or strategy when suddenly new statistics change everything.

New trends and approaches appear annually, quarterly, and even monthly, changing the way you engage, interact, and promote.

But it's not always enough to keep up with the changes. You need to anticipate them To succeed in the fast-changing world of marketing. That's why today we reveal the secret of the most successful strategies for 2020.

United we stand, divided we fall

  • Work with micro-communities or create your own
  • Any community where there are no extra people is trustworthy. It's not just about Instagram. Switch to clubs and small interest groups. Participate in their activities, learn what they live by, be an inside man, and very soon you will become an integral part of their lives.

    And if there is no such community on your market (which is unlikely), create your own, but on the condition that you are ready to invest so that it becomes valuable and useful.

  • Communicate with marketing professionals
  • More than you've done before. Make a list of conferences on the right topics and attend to the maximum.

    And make your own club. / And no kidding, such a community can become your strength and rear when the number of tasks is growing, and resources are always limited.

    Social Media

    Direct advertising is increasingly skipped, and collaboration with popular bloggers does not always show a high conversion rate. Strangely, many newcomers to the market forget that you can create your account, which itself will be an advertisement.

    The promotion of a page costs nothing today. First, users are actively chasing the "Subscriptions-Subscribers" indicator. Therefore, they don't mind subscribing to the news of another account. Why? Because they don't spend too much time viewing the post, which means it's not a problem.

    At the same time, the user will always be aware of updates. And high-quality posts will be forwarded to friends, which is subject to further discussion and scalability. At the same time, investments in this type of marketing are minimal. For a very long time, the brand was understood as a logo, slogan, and motto. Today, it is the company's social media account that becomes a mandatory component of the brand. It transmits more information and inspires confidence in users.

    Google Maps Marketing

    It is quite common to see extended results with map fragments displayed in search results for specified queries, especially commercial ones. However, they often take up most of the entire first page of the search results, thus hiding other organic search results from the user's view.

    It turns out that no matter how you promote your site, competitors who are engaged in promotion in Google Maps will always have an advantage and a high CTR.

    You can't keep up with your competitors, so don't hesitate and add your company to Google Maps. It's not difficult at all. You need to Sign In with Google My business, put a label on the map, specify detailed data, confirm their authenticity, and fill in the created profile. But just to create a profile is not enough; you need to continue to promote your business in Maps.

    The most interesting thing is that these are marketing trends only for the year ahead, some of them even passed to us from last year; we can say that they have become established. So, dear friends, speed up and keep on running. We are with you.