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2019-03-01 11:47 AM
Category: Industry

Affiliate Marketing Development Trends

Online user behaviour is constantly changing – the way they perceive advertising, brands, and goods as well as how they make their purchasing decisions. Marketing experts always have to search for new opportunities and ways to solicit the audience, earn the trust and stay on top. Here you have some development trends that will give you some tips on how to manage your affiliate marketing business in the nearest future.

High-quality reviews. To have reliable reviews on your site is one thing. To write high-quality reviews is also good as visitors often buy goods after reading an extensive review. But to have an overview that appears in search results is the best thing. When users are looking for a review of a particular product, they are already on the verge of buying the product. Make your pages well ranked in the search pattern “[product name] review”. A large amount of traffic will be converted and will bring you a bunch of money.

More rigorous selection of partners. To get a small group of highly effective partners is more profitable than getting a thousand inefficient ones. This is why more and more entrepreneurs are raising the bar for new affiliates.  This is good news for qualified marketers. All the best trading companies will work more closely with their affiliates.

Optimization for mobile devices. Mobile versions of the site are becoming faster. You have time to improve the speed of your mobile pages and analyze your competitors. We will explain why this is important. Remember that rating is good for profit? Speed affects ranking. Google is even open to punishing slow websites. Make sure the download time does not exceed the 3-second mark for best results. In addition, Google now indexes mobile versions of websites. This means that your ratings will fall if your mobile version of the site is not optimized or does not exist at all. Speed is not the only thing you should pay attention to. This is, of course, important, but you need to optimize all aspects of the site. Make sure your pages are fully responsive and optimize dynamic content for mobile viewing.

Personal contact VS. Automation. There is no limit to the automation of marketing technologies. These advances help marketers scale more effectively, make better decisions, and save money. However, these advantages sometimes occur at the expense of real personal relations. Although automation can cover basic tasks, many marketers will come to the conclusion that it is necessary to return personal contact (at least by phone or in social networks, for example), personally offer direct assistance when possible.

Voice Search Optimization. Voice Search makes about 40% of all search queries. Next year, this figure will increase to 50%. With regular searches, users usually enter short phrases to save time. While doing a voice search people use phrases of a more conversational type. We advise you to analyze what phrases users use in voice search and see which ones apply to your content. Don't forget to check which types of phrases are converted more often. Check which keywords are better for conversion and optimize them for normal speech patterns or for long keywords. Since most voice searches come from mobile devices, optimization of mobile pages helps.

New horizons of personalization. Artificial intelligence algorithms can offer users a whole new level of experience personalization that will inevitably lead to sales growth. Personal recommendations become even more accurate and relevant. This is especially expected by the younger generation.


Affiliate marketing is constantly evolving. Marketers are improving every day and there are always new ways to analyze the market. Learn new trends and use them to your advantage. Thus, you will be ready for anything and will be able to stand out among your competitors. We wish you luck in your business!