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2018-10-21 10:43 AM
Category: General

Performance Marketing Vital Points

Today, performance marketing rapidly gains momentum all over the world – more digital agencies claim they have transferred to this very operation model. But what is the performance marketing and what does make it different from traditional approaches? Most Internet marketers are unison in their opinion that the performance marketing is the type of marketing that is aimed at certain outcomes and sales increase and using which it is possible to obtain some certain qualitative indicators of the performance of each separate marketing segment, e.g.  the cost of the web-site visitor, application, call, order and the final cost of canvassing customers as well as the Return of Marketing Investment.

What is all the performance about?

The performance marketing is the very type of promotion that is intended to make the dream of all the business managers come true – to count where and how efficiently the investment works. No image advertising, no brand awareness growth – only hard numbers, indicators, statistics.

To count everything is not a new idea - the quality of clicks and sales are known even to those who have ever been interested in what is going on to online business and how good his/her website is. That is why digital agencies have shaped their course toward the qualitative KPI – now the clients are proposed not only to count the number of leads and traffic increase but the real sales as well.

Parade of Metrics

Performance marketing is the model of interaction with the focus on the result expressed in certain KPI. As a result, performance-based marketing successfully modifies the traditional forms of provision of advertising services and lets assessing ROI real-time. It is possible to track and count the performance marketing up to each click. Advertisers can analyze any of the metrics – from cost per order (CPO) to the average order value.

What is so much innovative about the solutions?

Besides, the advertiser has a brand-new budget management principle, his/her advertising partners in their turn have an opportunity to apply the most advanced developments and tools in the sphere of context, targeted and media advertising, mobile technologies, analytics, and many others.

Smart Optimization

In frames of performance marketing, it is important not only to collect and process the data but to manage to use it while it is still relevant. There is one more important thing – it’s vital to present the data so that they could become applicable by the specialists of all the levels. All the data can give an opportunity to:

  • sort the advertising channels by a degree of their return;
  • reasonably manage the promotion budget in line with the efficiency;
  • to reveal and remove the inefficient tools from the strategy or to refine them;
  • pursue the agreed objectives faster.

Performance Marketing Relevance

A set of the tools and methods involved in the collection of the data gives the marketer statistics that make the richest source of concentrated information. They are taken into account to make adjustments to the launched campaigns or to become the basis for the planned ones. The data also allows adjusting the source for preferences and needs. Here we are speaking about websites, online stores, and accounts in social media.