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2016-07-15 10:52 AM
Category: General

Come Together: Affiliate Marketing and Startups

Affiliate Marketing is an effective channel of sales growth for companies from different domains. Translated into figures, in the USA according to statistics, the ecommerce business gets the same amount of sales as the email marketing. Each channel supply 16% of sales, and this is more than social media and display advertisinп. In 2015, the income of Amazon went over $100 billion and according to various sources, at least $10 billion were made by the affiliate program. We can hardly call Amazon a startup but we can definitely say that you have all the chances to see a good return having launched your own affiliate program.

First, we need to come to a conclusion about what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is a way to address marketing needs by means of attracting agents (referrals and affiliates). The aim of the affiliate marketing is to promote goods, brands and opinions as well as to sale goods and services by efforts of middlemen and for the commissions paid to them by a client. The client can engage both separate referrals and form the entire networks with their own functions and information and intermediary objectives. Affiliate marketing is widely spread on the Internet, however on the level of provision of marketing services this type of interrelation between the client and the contractor takes a considerable place in b2b and corporate sector of the economy.

Creation of the relationship between a seller and a buyer is the core of online marketing. Affiliate programs bring the concept to a higher level.

Pay-For-Performance Basis

Partner programs solicit hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your resource. Besides, while affiliates are trying to attract visitors to your resource and to increase your sales, you don’t pay anything. The payment is made only on a performance basis (action, click, lead). Having learned how to work with partner programs you can considerably increase the income from your resource. Actually, everybody needs partner programs – bloggers, online stores, hosting, SEO-services, etc.

The Fastest Way

Your own partner program is the fastest way to sell your own goods and services on the Internet. Besides, you earn more money because you don’t need to go through partner platforms. Here you get 100% from the payment after the sale is complete and the partner gets his/her commission.

Get Your Golden Affiliate and Enjoy Good Profit

It is difficult but still possible. Middle-income affiliates are no less hard to engage. As a rule, they make testing order to make sure your service works on a high level. Don’t try to manage affiliates, save your management effort for other objectives. Provide them with advertising materials, text for newsletter, banners, and articles, make promo actions for your affiliates and constantly control the result.