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2019-01-22 12:11 PM
Category: General

Email Marketing Tactics That Will Bring Profit

The world of marketing is constantly changing, new tools and technologies are emerging. The quality requirement continues to grow as consumers face a huge amount of content on a daily basis. But one thing is certain - email marketing continues to hold the primacy in strengthening the relationship between buyers and sellers. Today, email marketing can be safely positioned as an inexpensive, but very effective alternative to direct mail. The fact is that the proposal in the email, which also gets directly to the addressee, is more likely to interest the reader than the image publication aimed at the masses. At the same time, email marketing is more promising than traditional banner advertising. The number of banners is growing rapidly, and efficiency is decreasing, as many users use utilities to block them.

Focus on closer relationships

Trends come and go, but there are those that show continued stability every year. This is a course for rapprochement and improvement of relationships with potential and existing customers. Personalized emails, designed with preferences in mind, help customers see mailing lists as a friendly gesture rather than an annoying factor.

But how do you know what subscribers want? It is easy to find out by analyzing previous customer purchases, conducting in-depth segmentation by gender, age, links. Or ask them. Look what the Stitch Fix company has come up with. They send buyers emails with a link to a short test to determine fashion preferences. Then, customers receive relevant content, which helps the company to occupy a place in the mailboxes of buyers for a long time.


There is an opinion that people usually do not read newsletter but it is not so. It all depends on several factors: style and general presentation, type of message and relevance. Of course, a welcome letter of 5,000 characters will look very strange. For example, we use different email templates:

  • Promotional mailing. They are short and quite compact. Typically, they contain no more than 600 characters. The main emphasis is on the call to action – "Get a discount", "Pick up your bonuses", etc.
  • Content newsletter. We cover the latest market news, share interesting articles in it, etc. Therefore, this type of letters is the most voluminous and effective. The description of the article alone takes about 300 characters, and there are 3 of them. As a result, such an email has about 2500-3000 characters.
  • Newsletter on training. We announce upcoming webinars, courses and industry conferences in it. We also send books and other useful bonuses. The volume of distribution depends on the number of events.

And the most important thing. Your messages should be written properly. What kind of trust from buyer's side can we talk about if your letters contain errors? We advise you to take this seriously and offer a solution. Take advantage of resources created specifically to facilitate the process of writing texts for any purpose. Here you have proofreading and checking for grammatical errors and many more options. MyWritingWay, Boomessays, Grammarix, Academadvisor, Studydemic are among them.


Email marketing, despite all the machinations of detractors, is developing and in the coming years is not going to leave the leading position in strengthening the relationship of companies with customers. But if 10 years ago the quantity successfully replaced the quality, then 2019 year will have to abandon unsystematic mailings. Times have changed, as have consumer preferences.

Marketers already know that it doesn't make sense to send emails to people who don't want to receive them. Give subscribers the right to choose the subject of mailings that will come to their mailboxes. Don't send them tons of junk mail. This causes only negative and spam complaints. Thus, everyone will be satisfied. Subscribers receive only those letters that they need, and you - the loyal attitude of customers to the company and the brand.

Customization and segmentation

In email marketing, the right approach is to segment the target audience and then send relevant information to each such segment. When you write a post in social networks, you address all at once. In the email newsletter, you have the opportunity to contact each individual by name, send only the information that is interesting to different segments of your CA. Letters containing a person's name have 22.2% of openings.

Call to action

The email newsletter is ideal for impulse sales because it allows you to sell goods in a couple of clicks. Using a bright CTA in the letters together with a link to the order, you can achieve results incomparable with other channels of promotion

More interactive and gamification

Every year customers become much more demanding. Standard letters are no longer interesting to recipients. If you want to keep the attention of subscribers and attract new ones, include more interactive in the mailing list. Animation, games, and quizzes will constantly warm up the interest of customers. In 2019-2020, use interactive elements in your letters. This will increase sales and attract new customers. And also to the fact that each client (new or existing) will have a better perception of email. But the key to success in using interactivity is knowing when to use it.

Action-oriented nature

Whether you pay attention or not, every time you do something with your letters – answer them, send them, follow the links, confirm the registration, or just make a purchase. Just think about it: email by its nature is oriented to some action. Your subscribers can easily send an interesting letter to friends and acquaintances, introducing your company to a new market, and you have a chance to attract traffic to your site, thus increasing sales. When developing a marketing strategy, consider the importance of emails – they will immediately show the result.


Email marketing can be a strong and cost-effective tool to address your target audience. With proper use, you can not only increase the number of repeat sales and additional sales but also effectively manage the reputation of your resource, build trust with customers and successfully bypass competitors.